Create animation with explosion


Please forgive me if I missed a thread that has discussed this; I really only conducted cursory searches.

How would I go about creating a several second animation where a fighter jet fires a missile at another fighter jet, causing it to explode, using only one camera?

I assume I would use IPO curves to move the two fighter jets, and then at a certain point, have the missile diverge from the first fighter jet, again using IPO curves. However, how would I get the second fighter jet to explode and disappear once the missile hits it?

Should I render separate stages and use the VSE to make a single animation?

Thank you.


Never tried this sort of thing, but here’s what I think…

Planes and missles could use paths to control them. Here’s a link as to how to do it with the camera, just sub the planes for the camera in the example.

As for making the plane explode, here’s two links.

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Is there a bug in the 2.5 explode modifier, or am I missing something ?

If I create an object I can explode the faces in 2.49b and have them fly off, retaining the original shape of each face, from the original object. I can’ seem to do this in 2.5 … the best I can get is billboards.
(I create a particle system then add the explode modifier).

I’d use the VSE or an image plane to superimpose an explosion on top of it too. This site has some really good free explosion animations:

Thanks! Sorry for my late reply.