Create cloth stitches using normal map vs diffuse texture

Hello, I’m facing a hard time trying to create this kind of stitch marks:

I’m trying to create a high poly mesh and bake the normal map into the low poly one, but my results aren’t good. So I would like to know if this kind of detail should be created using normal map or if I should try to create it on the diffuse texture directly or something.

This is my last normal map:

Already played with the max ray distance value and this was the best result I’ve got. Also, tried many different ways to build the the stitches in the high poly mesh, with no improvements of the normal map. Maybe the problem is related with the way that the UV was unwrapped, as it was created to facilitate the diffuse texture creation. Here’s the UV map just in case (it’s form the high poly mesh, so there’s a lot of polygons on it, tried to get rid of stretch as much as possible…):

Thanks in advance.

So the solution in my case was to use the cage feature for a more precise bake. This is my first normal map bake, so I didn’t know all the options involved.