Create deform bones using shapekeys


I am writing this thread to know a thing about bones and their orientation

if you download the skeletons zip from this pageyou can see that for blender there is a strange orientation of those deform bones :they’re perpendicular to the others,while in the files for other 3d applications they just follow more and less the same direction like the other bones.

Now my problem is to use such bones to make the selected areas of the mesh become fatter or slimmer using the shape keys.Should I rotate and orient those bones like in the other files for other applications? should I leave them as they are and maybe try with bone envelop rigging?

Other question hence I did something similar in maya ,3ds max and c4d and it seems starting working pretty good is there a way to move an fbx with its animations from those programs to blender?

You asked your question in the wrong section. You should post this in the OTHER animation thread.