Create Edit-Mode copy of Armature-Pose

asked this question some time ago (last year or so) and somebody said i should ask this question in the animations area then there. hence i do this now.

my problem ist the following. i have an armature that i posed in some way. now i would like to have a copy of this armature that has the same posing but in edit-mode (hence kinda like modifiying the edit-mode pose to match the current pose).

is there some way to do it in blender without hand-editing? or has somebody seen a script for such a task?

Not that I know of. You want a “New Rest Pose” or “Set to Rest Pose” option. The trouble is that all poses are relative to the original Rest Pose (which is the ‘pose’ in Edit mode).


i am just astonished that there should be no such option as i use for my game animation exporter a given ‘pose’ as reference pose and derive the rest-pose (for the game) from it. if even i can do this then it should be not difficult, right? i mean the bones are represented (in python) as ‘matrices’, hence all the information is there. hence in blender itself there is usually more information than python exports… :o

The Apply_deformation script does what you want. It comes with Blender. If your model has subsurfing, turn it off. You will now have a deformed copy.

If you use an armature modifier with 2.40, you can “apply” it to your mesh.

no no… applying a deformation to a mesh i can do, this is ok, but i want to apply the deformation to the armature itself to turn the current pose into the edit-mode pose.