Create good looking iris-textures with particle system ?


Recently i found a nice tutorial about creating an iris-texture:

The tutorial uses the particle system to create hair textures, which are used for the
iris structure. I applied this technique and tweeked it a bit. After some experimentation i ended up in something reasonable, but i am not realy satisfied with the results, see the attached image.

I have basically 2 questions:

1.) How can i get a “curly structure” like in the following pic:

2.) At the moment the hair structure looks like a pile of hay, i.e. the structure looks very rough. How can i get the strands finer ? And maybe a bit more “radial” without becoming artificially ligned up ?

I am still very new to blender and probably the solution is very simple, but i don’t see, where to go. I also have got my current results by simply experimenting with many parameters but without really knowing, what i was doing. So maybe a basic tutorial about how the particle system is meant ot be used to make “hairy structures” would be very much appreciated :wink:

Thank you very much for any hint…


Not sure about the tutorial, but have you experimented with the particle hair controls and editing tools? With the hair set to editable, you can then use the comb to pull the hairs outward and then curve them a little like the pattern you see in the pic reference you posted.