Create HDR image from LDR

Does anyone know an easy method to ‘fake’ HDR with an LDR image?

I had an idea that I could do it by adjusting the levels of the image to create a series of images just like the ones you would get with different shutter times. However, this is quite an elaborate way…

I found a few tutorials that describes a way to do this with ‘scale maps’. That way, you use a normal LDR base-image, on top of which you add other images that mark the bright parts. Is blender capable of doing this? Can I composite an HDR image out of LDR images within blender?

examples of scalemap tutorials:

I guess I would either need to somehow scale the energy of every ‘LDR layer’ (so you have several layers of light, going from low to high energy), or let blender do the math.

I love this topic :smiley: the best results I have had is with hdrshop. terigen will output hdr(with the right plugin) but it makes 6 seperate hdr that I cant seem to put together into a panorama. the method of tweeking the values of a ldr and combining the layers into a hdr will work but not real well and it is not real easy. the best way I have found is to start with a 3d back ground I used blender. render your ldr at difrent expousure I just change the light intensity take those pics to hdrshop combine into hdr (follow the tut at hdrshop site)
good luck and feel free to share any thing you learn with me