Create humanoid rigged character (male and female) that can be loaded into Unity in Blender

I want to have a realistic humanoid rigged character (male and female) that can be loaded into Unity

let’s say in .fbx format which should have materials and textures embedded and which can have interchangeable cloths for yoga, light sports or dance.

There should be one ghost mash which can be added to the main mash (for the purpose of leading the main mesh/character to make a particular move, like a move hint with some part of the body or even the whole body performing some task with all limbs/joints)

and also to enable x-ray to see underlying muscles that are engaged when doing a particular move with your body (

This will be used with a rigged VR full body tracking character to learn how to perform some moves, like table tennis move (See How To Play Table Tennis - Forehand Topspin video on youtube time: 1 min 47secs). This avatar needs to be sized in height, arm length etc. to match the real player’s measures.

I also need some MoCap animation saved as .fbx to be fixed (some constraints are violated so it cannot be re-targeted to an avatar to play animation) and eventually converted to .bvh.

This job can be converted to paid job once you show your expertise and willingness to learn.

Download MakeHuman program and generate how you want. İt will be better, models are rigged just set it up how you need . But keep in mind about performance , it has nearly at 15.000.vertices only on one human model and if you gonna to do your game for low Pcs, it won’t work. But if you optimize and reapply then it will be ok.

To add. I wanted this flexibility to produce humanoid moves:
Muscle engagement:
Muscle Engagement

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Thanks @trolltime. Good advice to start from. I would like to know what is cheap or free way to make your own scanned head and eventuallly the whole body and incoporate it into the mesh.
But I need much more then rigged character. I need one matching in volume apearing like a ghost or hologram and one to have muscle/bone view like x-ray so one can learn muscle engagement, not to mention help with animations etc.

İts a totally free program if you gonna to add in your game then it is for you. You can easily animate how you want

My current game has a similar setup with ghosts like character. What I did during the prototyping phase was to write a shader that displace the model vertices slightly along the normals. That way the ghost always appeared on top despite using the same model.


You can also apply a thickness modifier on blender to your original model to get a similar effect.

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