create itunes visualizer look?

hi experts…
whenever i see the visual effects in music software such as itunes and g-force, it takes my breath away!!!
is it possible to create similar visuals within blender?
or a different software?
i just don’t see how…:rolleyes:

Goto this link> and look at the 5th one down ,is that the kinda thing your after ? its done with particles.

effstops posted a video tutorial on that in the tutorials section.

here is the tut:

thanx for the support, you’re great…
the movie is beautiful, and the tutorial is very helpful. i’ll definitely look into it…
the look i was after is more the pools of color spilling into each other, like these attachments… is it just a matter of playing around with the particle materials and life span?
happy new year,


Try animated procedural textures with a color band applied. Unfortunately for you, those are programs, not video, so until you learn how to program your textures aren’t going to dance to any beats unless you animate them to do so on a per track basis.

BTW, winamp has the best visualizers by far. You won’t want to look at I-Tunes or windoze media palyer again after you see what winamp has.