Create powder scatter on a table

Hey everyone,

I need to do some renders of a bags of cocoa with some cocoa powder scattered next to the. I’m really not experienced with particles, what would be the quickest way to go about this? Just as a reference I want a small lump of powder with some scatters around it like in this image. Doesn’t have to be as much but just to get the general idea across.

I’m sure it involves some trickery and not necessarily generate all that powder but I’m really not sure.

Thanks a bunch!

You might not have to use particles, per se, you could use trickery in the form of displacement. Making a height map with that powdery texture would be a great start- and then you could use a Mix Shader to mix your solid cocoa with displacement (hereafter SCWD) with a Transparent BSDF… by using an image texture with that powder scatter as alpha, you could do this with a pretty simple mesh and no particles. You’d probably want a powdery roughness texture as well.

Here’s what I’m thinking for nodes:

Image Texture- Alpha Powder Map > Mix Shader Fac
Image Texture- Roughness Powder Map > SCWD > Mix Shader Slot 1
Transparent BSDF > Mix Shader Slot 2

Mix Shader > Material Surface
Image Texture- Height Powder Map > Displacement > Material Displacement