Create Towers, Characters and some Questions


i want to create a TD Game and the only problem is, that i have no art skills, but in Programming i already have a huge knowledge, because i am a developer.
I don’t want to develope this game from scratch, but i’ve decided to use Unity for that.

So i’ve started using Blender two weeks ago and i’ve already watched a huge amount of tutorials and the techniques that are used, like uv mapping, rigging and so on but i have some problems.

Like i said i want to create a Tower Defense Game and so i started creating some towers, but now i have a problem with that. I want to create a tower with a round base and a sphere on it and this base (it’s just a small circle is than used to move arround. But the problem is how can i put now a gun into this sphere or how can i cut a hole in the Sphere?
The turret should look like a Turret that i found in a course that can be found via google: unity tower defense course
(Auto Turret in the Video)
There is this Auto Turret and i want it to look like that or this Battleship Canons, so how can i do that? I also want the barrels to be moveable.

I’ve also finished some Towers but that is currently a huge problem, that i have.

I’ve also tried to start Character modelling but i don’t get it started there well. Which would be the best way to start character Modelling? I want to create humans, knights and maybe some animals like birds, a lion, a rabbit and some basic animals like that, maybe a snake.
Does anyone has good tutorials for that or an hint how i could start with that or which Character would be the best to start with?

I also have an blender specific question:
Is it possible to just mirror some faces, like i select them and this does not affect the whole mesh or the whole object or is that not possible?

If someone would have tutorials for Tower Creation or something like that i also would really appreciate that, thanks in advance.

Can you post a pic of the tower you want or link it directly,also post your .blend file so we can see what you have so far.

It doesn’t sound like a hard thing to do,i tried creating a tower defense game in the past but i lack the programming skills XD

Yeah, i don’t think it’s a hard thing, but i could say the same thing for something like that in programming. :wink:
I’m new to art stuff and i’m not really the best at graphic stuff, but it’s okay i think.

I’ve added the .blend file to the attachments, so that you can take a look at it. Like i said i want to cut a hole in the Sphere, at the gun positions and the guns should also be able to move later. Maybe also something like an ball bearing, which would also be nice.

What about the other questions or do we take it step by step? :wink:


cgtowerblend.blend (500 KB)

Unfortunately i am not on here much,as much as i would love to take it step by step.

You might want to try some tutorials,CGCookie has a great selection of tutorials.Some are free and some have to be paid for via a subscription ($18 a month) which also grants you automatic access to their sister sites (they also provide unity tutorials)

Not sure if this is what you want,i kinda lost track and had some fun with tracking.


cgtowerblend.blend (635 KB)

Sorry, but this was a double post

Yeah, i know what you mean. I also would like to spend more time on some other locations.

This Flak Gun also gave me a good idea for a new tower and i’ve also searched for some Ship Guns and so on. But i just meant that ship guns that destroyers have, for example. But thanks anyway for the flak gun.

But i still not know how you did that with the Sphere and i would like to know how it works. It’s easy to cut something with a shape of an circle into an Cube, but how to do that with a Sphere? I’ve tried that sometimes but i’ve always had the circle a bit outwards or i could not connect the gun with the Sphere and that looked weird. I really would like to know how that works. I think you don’t used the Boolean Modifier or? I’ve heard that the Boolean Modifier is not that good, but that’s excatly what i meant with the cut for the barrels.

I’m still wondered that you are the only one who has answered for know, but thanks for that.

I actually used the shrinkwrap modifier on project mode.

Here is a tut on something similar,i used the same technique.

Simple select 4 faces, inset and delete central 4 faces. LoopTools addon - Circle on selected border verts and you have hole.

If i use inset and then delete the 4 central faces it does not really look round, but this LoopTools addon works.
I’ve also tried to add an ball bearing (is that right? (object that is moving the guns)) for the guns but which would be the best way for that? I want that the guns can also move (but together) at the same time.
But if i close this circle hole for the canons, how can i make them still be moveable without making it look weird?

Also to the question i’ve asked in my first post:
Is it possible to just mirror some faces, like i select them and this does not affect the whole mesh or the whole object or is that not possible?
And what about this Boolean Modifier? Should i use that Modifier for purposes like that or should i not even use that Modifier at all?

I don’t found that tutorial, but i still would like to know how that works by hand. :wink:

Do you mean for that charachter stuff that tutorials can be found or here? But which character would be the best to start, or which one would be easy to do?

Another question by the way:
Where can i find good models that i can use for any purpose and for free or where can i find good models, where i can take a look at. I also would really like to some good modelled towers. :wink:
Maybe this does also help and so i don’t have to make them all. I’ve also heard about the website Blendswap, is that a good one?

Thanks in advance and thanks for all the replys. - this is what @DCBH could have had in mind. if you need some place to start on low poly game chars. You certainly can Google up more including “free 3d rabbit model” a likes.

If you manage to get around in Blender interface and know how and why to use it’s tools, have your requirements cleared you probably are able to make pretty anything you want. It just takes some practicing.

Selct faces, Shift-D will make a duplicate; Ctrl-M will mirror faces around - you’ll be asked for axis. Make sure you do not have them flat lying on other face - that would cause render issues. If there is some distance along face normal it’s ok.

blendswap. Have you checked it out? What do you think, could it be of any use?

Okay, that’s what you meant with the Shrinkwrap Modifier, now i understand what you mean. :wink:

I will take a look at video and the Tutorial, thanks for that.
I also found some other good websites, for tutorials but if you have any further sites, tell me. What about this Boolean Modifier? The Modifier destroys the Topology is, what i often hear.

It seems like Blendswap is a good site but i don’t really checked the models, if you mean that but it is a blender only community, right? That’s why i asked here. I dunno if it’s a good site or not. I think it could have a use, but i dunno exactly. Could you tell me, what you think about it or if you have any other good sites?

Like i said i would also like to make the guns be moveable, what about that?

Booleans work much better compared to what geometry they were making earlier but for low poly i wouldn’t use them.

Guns moveable - separate in parts and throw in some bone mechanics if your game engine support it. As easy as making base bone, adding some 3 more for barrels and tower rotation, add some locks, constraints. Rotate, move slightly up/down, recoil - all the actions you’d need likely. Armature with proper parenting will keep things from falling apart.

Are these navy, ship located? Dug into the ground? What’s the idea here?
Blendswap is probably what the name says - blend file swap resource. I’m not the user base unfortunately; pasteall is direct and quicker.

Okay, thanks for that Answer, but i don’t know, when Low poly ends. :wink:

Yeah, i will add some Constraints for the Guns and for the Tower for sure, but i don’t know how i should make it look like and i can’t find any references for the Object, which is moving the Guns. I want to that kind of Tower like the Navy yeah, but i don’t think i will them all make the realistic. Some of them will be a bit fantasy or Scifi. Currently i am planning to dug them all into the ground.

I asked for Blendswap because i’ve read that name here and because i searched for a good modelling site, but i don’t know which are good. Like i said i am looking for models i can take a look at for free and maybe to use them also in my game. So if you anyone else knows a good one, tell me please.

Pasteall is just a site for uploading any kind of file i thought? I’m just searching for models. I know a lot of Filehoster so i think i don’t need any more, but thanks.

Not saying but it might happen that this is your game which hits TOP10 after a year or so. In this case it’s better all models in it are yours ;).
But for the learning by disassembling blends… it might help but usually you’re having result, not the intermediate steps to get there so it’s kind of a limited way to learn. Not that you shouldn’t do that.
The Very Upper End of the Low Poly is not so well defined number actually. Some say it’s 10, 20k triangles on main game char, 250k to 3M verts per screen. Depends.

That would be cool, i hope so. :wink:
Why would it be good then, if all the models have been made by me? Do you mean to due to license issues?

I just want to take a look at some models, i think it could help and maybe also give me some new ideas, I know that it’s a limited way to learn, but i don’t want to learn in that way, just take a look at some models maybe.
But thanks for your answers and i’m still hoping for some more, maybe by other people.

I don’t know how i should make this object looking like, which is moving the guns. Do you or anybody else have any idea? I can’t find any references for those object, which are in the navy moving the guns or i don’t know their name.

Do you have any favourite site, where i can find models and take a look at them? If anybody else has an idea or site, please tell me. :wink:

Well, licensing can be a complicated beast…

As far as i know guns usually are moved by crew or some vehicle ;). If you mean other stuff visible near the barrel that could be amortization to weaken recoil and some gear to adjust vertical inclination. Take a look at some videos showing real thing; this is even better than looking at models, make you approximations. There are tons of images like these and videos for training :wink:

Yes, i know, that licensining is sometimes very difficult, i’m a programmer, so i often use Images and so on, but is that what you mean with it?

Hehe, good one. :wink:
I mean the other visible stuff, yeah. I can’t find any good image or video that is showing these gear to adjust the gun.
But maybe i will take a look at these big canons or guns. But thanks anyway for your answers, may someone else has also some answers.