create vertex where edges intersect?

I have 2 objects that have edges that intersect.
What is the procedure to create a vertex where the intersection occurs between the edges of the two objects?
any help appreciated.
thank you.

A google search for ‘blender edge intersect script’ gives this which just tested in 2.49b and seem to work.


yes thank you.
I will try the script as the book I have ‘blender for dummies’ doesn’t explain anything about it.
I googled and wiki’ed and am leaning towards a script solution also.
however I was wondering if there was a native way to do the task as I am unaware how to script at this time.

Download the py script and put it in your scripts folder. Join your meshes together (Ctrl+J), select the edges that intersect, open a scripts window and select the intersect script in the Mesh section.


yes it was succesful at creating the vertex.
ctrl+j then edit mode select edges and then run the script.
works like a charm.
thank you.