Created a face by extending an edge. Texture looks like an extended edge, too

I selected an edge of a plain and extended it upwards to create a wall. The problem is that when a texture is applied, the wall’s texture looks like a single line of the texture being extended.

I guess I need to re-map the texture, but in the UV editor, the mapping is a single line and I do not know how to make that a square. What do I need to do to make the wall have proper texture?

Thats all right. You just need a new mapping. “Tab” to switch to edit mode. “A” to select everything. “U” for unwrap.

Hah, so I need to select everything first… In the “UV Editing” tab, I did try clicking the “UV” -> “Unwrap” menu, but nothing happened. I did not select the object, and assumed that the UV Editing is automatically targeting the object… (There was nothing but one object that was displayed on the tab)

I wonder which object you see there? What i described is for the 3d view. :wink:
The uv editor shows the mapping of the active object. But the same selection only if you press the marked button.