Creating 3D mask from 2D reference

Hello, I am brand new to blender and could really use alot of help. I am a 2D artist and I use poser 11 for my model references. I designed a mask for one of my characters and its hard to get the proper perspective for the drawing. How do you think I should go about this? I would like it to be importable into poser 11 and how do you do that?

The mask:

Its symmetrical and stylized after a rat mask. Kinda like a festival mask, I suppose.

Thank you and hopefully this is the right forum!

It’s not quite clear what you want. You designed a mask in 2D (sketches?) or in 3D (model). It’s hard to find the proper perspective… ??? You posed your model in poser. You wanna export and import in blender and model a lowpoly version of your mask in blender then 3D paint it or just make another ref for your 2D painting…

I have designed the mask in a few different angles in 2D so far. What I want to do is turn it into a 3D model so I can use it for reference on perspective for my 2D work.

I have no idea what im doing haha… (;ŏ﹏ŏ)

then i suggest searching for ’ blender build face mask’ (maybe add ‘tutorial’) in your favorite search engine… i found a video with a cat mask right away :wink: