Creating A 2nd UV For Greater Detail

I have 3 UV maps for my model. One is the basic shape of the model as you can see here:

The second is a lightmap:

What I am trying to achieve with my third UV is to unwrap only the inside of the door frames so I can add hinges and a strike plate with one high quality texture, due to the size of the model I cannot texture it in the one UV window as the texture quality isn’t good enough.

However attempting to unwrap these frames of the object only seem to be harder than I thought. All of the other faces get unwrapped also even when they aren’t selected. Any idea why this is happening? Also is there a detailed tutorial on this as I haven’t found one that helps.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I the UV/Image Editor select all, then click on UV -> Average Island Scale to have every UV islands using a same scale proportion.
Then click on UV-> Pack Island to make sure all the UV are packed into the texture exact limits and not outside (then press F6 so you can adjust the margin between UV islands)

I am trying to create a second UV map and unwrap only the door frames, I’m not trying to compact the whole mesh onto one UV map as I could never get the door frames large enough to properly detail them.

I think you may not understand UVmaps properly or you are trying to do something that is way above my head. Assuming the former, you do not need 3 maps, just one. A map can be reused for any number of textures and purposes. You may be thinking that each texture requires a new map, or that different parts of the object cannot be unwrapped differently, or that each texture has to apply to the entire object, none of which are true.

Your object would be pretty simple to unwrap with one project from view for the large wall faces and a follow active quads for the inside of the door frames, which could then be scaled up to whatever size to accommodate your greater detail.

(What’s with all the tris? You know that they’re just going to mess you up if you ever subsurf that object or try to do a bevel and they are AFAICT completely unnecessary. If this is the wall that Sanctuary showed you how to se the knife tool on to do the arch You didn’t follow his method very closely… There’s a reason he showed you the no quads construction, for one thing it unwraps easier…)

Every UV map contains all faces. Like DruBan, I doubt you need more than one UV map. As I find myself saying repeatedly: you only ever need multiple UV maps in order to get different unwrappings of the same face.

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