Creating a 3D dot Matrix / Voxel Aesthetic

Hello again! Always a pleasure being a member of this forum :smiley:

I’m looking to create a 3D pixel effect for a new brand I’m working on. I want to create this sort of point cloud effect with the points aligned to a grid, and using cubes or dots as ‘pixels’.
Controllable ‘dispersion’ effect, where some noise perhaps distorts the shape or something.
Animation, I’d love to have a character pass through the 3D pixel effect.
Pixel colors affected by textures and colours of the animated object.

What I’ve tried: Remesh modifier of course, not good for animation and doesn’t do colour.
I’ve also tried out this ‘3d halftone’ effect found here: This has similar issues, although very close!

Its important the 3D pixels have depth, so I can do semi translucent effects and shading. I was think about some sort of voxel to achieve this?

Any help greatly appreciated, please let me know if you are interested as I need someone who is knowledgeable about this