Creating a Circuit elegantly

Dear Blender Community,

I have a simple task on hand:

With the straight segments of my blood vessel (picture below) I have to create a closed circuit.

Any Ideas on how to solve this one elegantly with modifiers before I start copy pasting or mirroring my way through…?

All help is greatly appreciated!

So, a loop? You could use the Simple Deformation modifier and set it to Bend

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A whole lot of modifiers? Well, and a curve Circle you could modify using Hooks after, in Object mode?


^ much better solution

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Hey guys!

Thanks so much for your help! Got much further as you can see here in the picture.

If you feel up to it, heres another question:
I want the blood vessel to branch out into many smaller blood vessels. Any Idea how I could model that? Looked around on the internet but to no avail…

As always, any help is hugely appreciated!

Curves can not branch at all meaning there wont be a curve branch from curve point; you can use several curve segments in one curve though (taper wont work for individual segments).
If you’d use mesh (edges only, can use Skin modifier to get some volume) there was some Lightning addon which would generate something alike.
Would need some python touch-ups for recent versions of Blender likely.

You can download Blender 2.69 from here, unzip into a new folder, find there a subfolder named 2.69, create a new folder called ‘config’ there and run a local as opposed to installed copy of Blender 2.69 to test the script. After you launch 2.69 you’d need to show correct script path in user preferences, Files, for 2.69 (c:\whereYouUnpacked\2.69\scripts). This is the folder you’d need to put Lightning addon in too.

Some use Ivy Generator.


Since im running on a beginner level here, your angle is to simply modify the curve to create the smaller branches with this lightning add-on and then just add the mesh with the curve modifier?

Well, the idea was you create branching edge structure (start by merging plane vertices into one and Ctrl-click add edges from selected vertices) and use Skin modifier on that.
While its possible to ‘draw’ such branch manually it will be ‘flat’, 2D structure. Lightning addon would generate 3D shape, more natural looking i guess.

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Ok Perfect! Thanks. Heres an update:

For some reason though the curve modifier just doesn’t work properly… any advice?

Yeah, human blood vessels go around Earth twice. Are you up to modelling a whole of that ;)?
Jokes aside - there’s nothing which would let to make educated guess in image. Blend file would be more informative - i wonder if you could use and post a link here?

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Yes of course! Heres the blend file. I already added the lightning mesh and converted it to a curve. Now I just somehow need to get the branching working with the mesh…VeinCopy8C.blend (7.7 MB)

Well. there was nothing like in image above for me. Can’t really comment on what was not working on curve for you.

Still, what i suggested was that 1) Curve can not branch 2) since your target was mesh (was it?) use Skin modifier on Lightning mesh (edge structure).

See the file
You can adjust thickness by selecting vertices in edit mode and Ctrl -A mouse move, add further segments by select vertex and Ctrl-lmb click somewhere.