Creating a Curtain like effect with the Blender Cloth Simulator.

I am making a bedroom and i want to make curtains using the Cloth Simulation. I don’t want to go modelling it as it is so tedious. Despite the fact that i know the basics of cloth simulation, i don’t know how to make a curtain type effect. Can somebody help? Thanks.

Hey, Smaller. You can basically create a plane, add a cloth modifier to it, assign a vertex group making the verticies wight 1 where you add a hook (select the vertice and press Ctrl-H) and 0 for all other vertices and then animate the hooks. I’ve attached a blend file for reference… just press the play button to see the hooks move and move the “curtain”.

Hope this helps.


Well, looks like the uploader is not working… I’ll try again later…

thanks for your help.