Creating a curve

Is there any way to cut a part and make a curve as shown here?

Right now I’m just extruding and moving things around, looks ok but a little wierd.

Not at the click of a button. Things to consider:

Use curve object to make the curve
Make a guide object and cut out shape with boolean modifier or knife project
Use the knife tool (K) to cut it
Convert the grease pencil strokes to a curve (grease pencil properties panel) and then convert to a mesh (Alt+C)

I new to Blender so i’m not so sure how…

This is something quick I did with the knife tool, it’s not very efficient :confused: I guess what you tried to explain to make is better.

You can make element shaped like this using BSufraces addon (File->User Preferences->Addons TAB->type Bsurfaces and activate it and “save changes” )

  1. You have to draw shapes of Your desired element using Bezier curves (Shift+A->add curve->Bezier)
    -You can control curves by handles (turn off this wierd arrows in edit mode by unchecking “Normal” in “Display Curve” tab on right panel.
  • You can add more control points by subdividing curve (ie. if Youi want to add point between two existing points, select this two points and tap “W” and select “Subdivide”" from context menu.
  • You can join two different curves created independly by selectin them and “Crtl+J”

2.When You have minimum two curves You can use Bsurfaces

  • This addon is active in Edit Mode of object so You have to add to a scene ie. plane object (Shift+A->Add Mesh)
  • Select Curves than add to selection (shift) plane object and go to edit mode (Tab) then You can activate “Add Surface” and sufrace between Your curbves should be created. You can tweak its settings in Bsurface menu.

Watch some tutorials on how to use this addon