Creating a custom keying set for human meta rig

I was wondering if/how to set up a custom keying set –
certain bones only have a few animatable properties, i.e. fk bones only rotate, they don’t move and (generally) don’t scale – so I would like to only insert rotational keyframes for them (and if possible, only the axis that are capable of rotating, like the knee, which only rotates in the x direction)

other bones (like ik) move and rotate

other bones (fingers) scale and rotate

I’d like to set up a keying set that will just assign appropriate keyframes based on what is available. I realize that I can “preload” the bones by starting at frame 0 and inserting rotation keys for appropriate bones, then location keys for appropriate bones, then scale keys for appropriate bones, then set the keying set to available.

The problem is , if I miss a bone, I have to go back, change the keying set, preload to the bone, then go back to available. And I forget a bone here and there often.

Is it possible to have a context sensitive set – that only inserts appropriate translations to selected bones (e.g. if I have a finger selected, when I hit the “I” key, it automatically assigns rotscale keys)

Any ideas?