Creating a dragon fly


I am sort of a newbie (not entirely) and I am wanting to create a dragonfly. I am having a terrible time getting started. I was going to start with the head. It is rather spherical in shape, so should I use a sphere or should I begin with a cube and just round it out. I am not interested in making it ultra-realistic but only somewhat realistic. I just need some help getting started. Does anyone have a recommendation or a dragonfly tutorial they are familiar with. Any help would be appriciated.



Take a look at this Fly modeling time laps to get some ideas.

I modelled a wasp not too long ago, have a look at these pics:

The first pic shows one of my earliest designs, while the second pic shows one of my latest. As you can see, I kinda started off with everything square and simple, and then begun adding details, one by one, until I got to the model shown in second picture.

I actually modelled the main body from a basic box (it’s a modelling method, I think), and extruded and stuff until I got the the desired shape. Unfortunately I kinda subdivided it too much, and now I have too many faces, overall :confused:

Good Luck :smiley: