creating a game called harmony need help. non-profitable

Concept artist .5/1
Environmental artist 0/1
Modelers 1.5/2
Texture artist 0/1
Story writer 1/1
Map and level designer 1/1
Physic engine creator 1/1
Programmer 2/2
Animators 0/1

Our game is an fps multiplayer based that is not a call of duty game. We have our own plan for how we want it to play out.

Please reply if you want to help with a unique game or just have any questions about it.

this is just a lazy post because i have a lot to do but i’ll try my best to answer every question

►Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that you may want to improve your english a little(since your grammar is only acceptable), since it may “scare” some potential guys who might help.