Creating a Helix Curve?

I would like to try the curve modifier on a small test project and I would like to make a Helix shape using the Bezier curve.I thought I could manually make one by precisely adding points and setting the tangents but is there a script or helper function? Also are curves planar only so that a helix is not possible?

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I’ve worked with some CAD systems so I am used to having a 3D helix function built in.

With the curve modifier I was probably way off. Anyway I couldn’t make a non-planar curve or get the curve modifier to work in any predictable way so I am trying another tactic.

What is the best way to model a helix such that it is easy to modify? I modeled one full circle and then copied it with the array modifier but I have a sharp edge where the individual copies meet becuase of the subsurfing.

Here is one option. I see that they have a non-planar curve also…

Just for fun I attached the results so far.


Click on the 3D button

This manual has a chapter on screws, gears and helixs

You could try to do a small segment of helix-style geometry and arrange it with the array modifier. If you need to bend it you can add a curve-modifier (in Blender 2.42a you need to apply the array modifier first) afterwards to shape it.



Thanks for making that screenshot. I will definitely work on some of those tutorials. I found that site last night but I forgot to bookmark it so that is perfect.


You are right - it would probably work better if I modelled a small segment. I just learned the array modifier yesterday so I just need some more practice.

Just a small tip: use the “Object Offset” and an Empty to place&rotate the next segment if needed …every other toggle-.button (especially the default “Relative Offset”) should be inactive.
Activating the “merge” toggle is usefull so you don’t need to match the parts perfectly.

See Manual/Array for more info.