Creating a "library" of animations / Actions

Hi folks:

I am slowly learning character animation, and in the course of things I am creating some actions that I would like to be able to re-use in projects down the road. The problem is that I (A) dont know how to do this, and (B) dont know if this is the best way to go about it anyway

So I ask you – whats the “approved” way to create some sort of a “library” of actions that I can import and apply to a rig while I am animating a scene?

The end result is that I am aiming to make a short (1 min or so for now) movie of a character walking around and doing TaeKwonDo Katas (Or whatever the TKD world calls them)



there’s not much to it, just work on your different actions and remember to click the shield icon on each of them when creating a new one so that it’s kept around even when it’s not linked to the character, otherwise Blender dumps it - same goes for other type of data such as textures, etc.
Also, since actions connect to rigs through bone/channel names, these shouldn’t be changed.

Have fun animating !


Cool, thanks - I appreciate it

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