Creating a night Sky

I’ve been experimenting with creating a night Sky with a moon, stars everything, for a forest scene I have, however I’m not having any satisfactory results. I tried looking for an HDRI at night but I couldn’t find any, at best I get some at dusk but not full midnight.

I tried setting a black World and using ball as a Moon to illuminate the scene but it always looks fake and ugly.

How do you guys create night time scenes in Blender?

Take a look at this: The Milky Way panorama

Well, I don’t create night scenes as such. But HDRI for night? I don’t get it. I’d just use a sun lamp for the moon and a disk with moon texture, with a thrown in night sky plate - it’s so dim it won’t illuminate anything in the range you would typically expose for.

I might also tint the result towards blue and desaturate it a bit (in post as part of grading).

To make a scene look good, it helps having a subject with proper lighting on it and with your lighting mimic practicals that would be natural to your scene - or find an excuse to add something.

Without knowing the look you’re going for, it’s hard to guess. Ref to previous work or film shot would be helpful for us trying to help.

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I’m trying to achieve a scene that is somewhat similar to this:

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HDRI Haven is here to help you.

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All of those Night HDRI are terrible for my scene. All of those are not as dark and are filled with many light sources.

This for a scene in a woodland area with no light pollution where only the moon illuminates the area.

So nothing? No ones knows nothing at all?

You can’t make night time scene in Blender? Is that it?

Did you have a look the one i shared?

Show your result here, so people comment better on what you need really and what you’re lacking.

Have a read of this

What @filibis said, basically.
Show and share.