Creating a pretty good looking sun

(Jolly Gnome) #1

Well, as I haven’t bumped into this trick before, and I figured it out all by myself, I thought to share my knowledge :slight_smile:

Generating a good looking sun with halos can be quite tedious job, but gladly, you can use another method:
Spotlight with “halo” set on and pointed directly at te camera.
the sun in this image was made with “HaloInt” set to 2.0 and “SpotSize” set to 25.0:
(cut-and-paste the url…)

now, as you can see, it looks ooglee… this is because the sky was done with “World” settings… I don’t know why it does that, but it does. We don’t want that, don’t we?

so, let’s create a sky dome, and see what happens:
(cut-and-paste the url…)

Voilá! You got yourself a nice sun :slight_smile:
The important part is that the spot light MUST point rather directly at the camera, so that it looks like sphere, and not just weird blob.

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Hmm your links are dead from elysiun… when I try to get in through yahoo, I get:

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Arr… bugger… those images show fine for me though :confused:
I’ll see what I can do…
(that is: I propably start an account in somewhere)

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bah, yahoo… yaBOO!!.. they load fer u cause u have them stored in yer temp files already =)
maybe link us to an html page wit hthe same text and images?
that should work…

peace in the northeast(philly)!!!

(Jolly Gnome) #5

Now it should work :slight_smile:

(S68) #6

Interesting technique,

Second image is definitely much better, and probably better than a single vertex placed in the center of the sun with its own halo, but correctly pointing the spot would need him to track the camera, or you’ll have problems in animating it :).


(Jolly Gnome) #7

Yep, it would be a quite tedious job making an animation with this (maybe with a pythons script, but I don’t use it so I don’t know), but it works fine with stills.
I made the tutorial into a webpage, in case anyone’ s interested:

(S68) #8


It won’t be tedious, what I was saying is ‘Make the Spot Track the Camera’ this implies selecting the spot, selecting the camera, and pressing CTRL+T…


(Jolly Gnome) #9

Ahh, okay, now I got what you mean :slight_smile:

(@ce) #10

I once did that as well…about a year ago in my sewer picture…tha spotlamp gives a realistic glow from the sun…as if it will hurt ur eyes


realistic glows are hard to make with blender…this one is a great way to fake sun