Creating a realistic face using UV mapping


Just wondering, what is the most common way to create a good looking, realistic face in Blender with UV mapping?

The tutorials I’ve came across all use Maya and Photoshop. Is there any tutorials that, for example, just use Photoshop? Or a different method?

For the ones I’ve came across that use Maya and Photoshop, is it compulsory that Maya is used to create a realistic looking face? Maya is used quite a lot in the tutorials i’ve came across. (actually, I say tutorials, but it is really just the same tutorial on different websites).

any help appreciated.

ps. for those who have done this, how is it you imported your mesh into Maya? I can’t seem to get it to work, even after trying 21912491349 times…

For the ones I’ve came across that use Maya and Photoshop, is it compulsory that Maya is used to create a realistic looking face?

Photoshop or the Gimp, yes, Maya, no. You can create a perfectly fine face in Blender, using either photographic or painted textures. Len has thoughtfully provided us with a blend file and his textures in Broken Shadows – Portrait, Grunge theme (.blend included) and alt_ligury wrote a tutorial on modeling and texturing a realistic portrait in his Gallery thread portrait. The translation into Englishis on CGWiki or you can read the original French tutorial on alt_ligury’s web site. If uv unwrapping is giving you a headache, take a look at Painless Organic Unwrapping.

aws357 has a modelling tutorial in Blender Artist #10.

Enj, I’m planning to do a fairly in-depth tutorial/making-of focussing only on UV unrapping and texturing alongside my next project (, though it might still be a little while before I finish it as I’m working on a diffeent project at the moment (and I only have after hours to work on it:(. But will keep you posted.

BTW, Len, you are amazing!
there are some outstanding artists here at blenderartists, and that is one of the reasons this is my all time favorite site…You are one of the best, IMO. Toonje, @ndy, BgDM are also outstanding.

I am still struggling with a flow when it comes to organic human modeling, but seeing your recient work, really inspires me. I can hardly wait to see your tutorial when you finish it, it will be paramount, to say the least!

Thank you so much dukytyme, I really appreciate it hey :o

I’ve had quite a few PM’s etc from guys asking for advice on UV unrapping etc so I decided to just make up something quick. I’ve worked out a much easier way to do face/head UV unrapping, as soon as I get a moment I’ll just make up a quick how-to and post it, it won’t be complete but I think it will give the basic idea and maybe help a few guys. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, check this out. Hope it helps. It’s on p2.

aww len, what is the password for “fuckin shit” lol. I need an eyeball texture.:frowning:

Hey watchthis, that’s because polorix is down this month, hopefully it will all be back to normal next month.

here’s an eye texture i did, pretty basic, but it gets the job done.


Nice one Modron I saved it too :slight_smile:

Here’s my one also.


you can never have enough eyeball textures. nice one btw, i did a variation with blood vessels too, but it was a really huge file, so I don’t think the uploader would have accepted it.