Creating a seamless repeating texture - how?

Hi y’all,

I’ve been using Blender for a while now, and have gotten a real hang on how to do normal UV Mapping, but I’m stumped on this new “thing.”

How to duplicate the base texture visible on this ship’s hull?

Note how there’s no distortion and the panel lines kind of follow the mesh and radiate out on that corner. The original was done with Cinema4D, and for some reason or other he can’t retexture the optimized version of his mesh I made for him (50k down to 5k poly).

Any help’d be much appreciated!


Have you tried using the “Make Seamless” filter in gimp?

K, that texture there isn’t seamless, you can see it’s repeated 2.5 times along the side - there’s parts where the verticle runner lines are doubled.

Ok, fair enough, but how do I replicate that mapping with Blender?


Sorry, just got off work. Short answer, I’m not sure. I tried all the basic ways and the mapping on the corners doesn’t work. How is the original mapped? If it’s Cinema4d, then maybe that program has different mapping options than us. I can’t figure it out.

When I looked at the map, there were squares stretched off everywhere. Since I created new surfaces though, it lost most of that information.


How are you doing on this Sastrei? I played with it a little and got the corners to look right by UV mapping them. When the corner’s map is flat and square it looks perfect.

I was gonna try to get C4D to replicate it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, so I need to take that entire corner quadrant and lay it out square? I’ll fiddle around with it and see what I come up with.