Creating A Si-fi Environment - Bio Lab

Create A Si-fi Environment using (Zbrush, Blender, Unfold 3D, Mari, Marvelous Designer, C4D, Photoshop), and powerful plugins of Blender (BoxCutter, HardOps, SpeedFlow), C4D (Turbulence FD), and rendering with Redshift for C4D.

• Over 12 Hours Video Tutorials

• HD Resolution of 2560 * 1440

• All Final Files Included

• Language: English

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Looks really good. Particularly the eerie atmosphere. :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum btw.

Welcome to the blender artist comunity.

As for the work, though extremely cool in execution, the only thing that keeps “bothering” me is the bodies. As in they are all in nearly identical postures, (outside of their hands) but that to me “screams” CG.

A tad more variation on the head positions and leg position would improve the image a tad more.