Creating a skirt rig with cloth sim.. getting freaky results when moving leg

I’m working on a low-poly skirt system that utilizes cloth simulation. The skirt is a cloth with legs acting as a collision object.

It works fine when I move a leg laterally, but when I raise it up vertically, the skirt freaks out and acts as if there’s some strong wind blowing against it:

Any solutions to calm the cloth sim? I feel like there’s probably a simple solution, maybe some setting I’m overlooking… but I just can’t find it. Help would be appreciated!

Problem file attached.


SkirtProblem.blend (8.29 MB)

It looks like something is wrong with collision detection, which is not surprising given the low quantity of polygons. You can simply try subdividing that skirt.

Subdividing twice seems to pretty much resolve the issue, but it isn’t ideal for the system I’m developing.

Basically, I’m creating a system where all the individual vertex data from the cloth sim gets baked to a corresponding bone system, which controls the actual skirt geometry. (Second method in this video).

It looks like I can make the cloth sim geometry subdivided, but the final geometry will have an intersection problem:

Played with it a little bit. Seems that you need to mess with the dampen settings. Dropping velocity below .3 helps. And at the same time change the cloth speed multiplier nearer towards 2. (Dampening takes away the “spring-loadedness” of it, while speed brings it back up to the rate it was before damping slowed it down.)

Saved a modified version, in case those two don’t get close enough. (Will just upload that.) There were a few other settings, but nothing major that I recall. Yet my feeling is those two that I mentioned did the most.

Hey, thanks for testing it out, pauljs75_!

I tried your suggestion of making velocity below .3 and raising the cloth speed, but the problem persists for me. Maybe seeing your modified version will help.