Creating an arch. *Help*

Hello, I just started my next project and the picture has an arch in it. The arch has 2 square pillars and has a curved overhead. It sort of like this:

I’m not really asking how to desgin it in stone. Just a simple arch with 2 sqaure pillars and a curved overhead. How would I do this WITHOUT turning on a modifier like catmull-clark.:confused:


I think the best way to do it quickly:
Add a Mesh circle, and in Editmode:
Select half of the circle and delete.
Select the remainder, extrude (hotkey: E) and scale out (hotkey: S). Use the 3D cursor pivot point (hotkey: PERIOD) to keep the two half circles concentric.
Select all, and extrude some distance to give the arch thickness.
Then, select the two faces at the bottom of the arch and extrude down.

A picture is included.


add a bezier curve. extend it one point to make the arch. extend it down to make the side. entend it over and retrace the outer side. Make it cyclic. Extrude it to make it thick. Material it and texture it using your picture. done in about 5 minutes, and much smoother than mesh. see blendernation for tut on using beziers in architecture; soooooo much simpler. Picture will look the same as BeefotronX, but sooooo many fewer faces to render and no vertices to get out of align.

ugh…why didn’t i think of that ><