Creating assets for Cycles and Eevee, shading?

Hi all,

Looking into asset creation, but don’t want to ‘limit’ myself to just Cycles and/or Eevee.
As I haven’t really looked at Eevee properly yet, hence the questions. :wink:

What would be the best approach for this? Two sets of shaders?
Or is there a way to set up everything for the PBR shader in one go?
Or are there certain differences that limit a workflow like this?
I do realize textures can be an issue for realtime work in Eevee, as they can get a bit big with 2K+ sizes.

any links or tips are appreciated!


There are a few things that have not yet been translated to Eevee, such as object info random EDIT -OBJECT INFO RANDOM IS NOW WORKING IN EEVEE and video textures… VIDEO TEXTURES ARE ALSO NOW WORKING IN EEVEE… other than that - if you make a material; for one, it will work in the other as well.

Cycles is more realistic - Cycles ray-traces where as Eevee uses a variety of tricks to impersonate what Cycles does in realtime (ish)

For creating assets… most of the time it wont matter.


I was already thinking of building two sets of shader with a switch node.
Just have to see how far I can take this between Cycles and Eevee. It’s mostly for ArchViz…


You know you can have two material outputs and set one to cycles and one to eevee, right?

Very handy!


Like I said, haven’t really looked into this yet.
Great tip, thanks! :slight_smile:

Are you sure about object info random output?

Huh… it must have been fixed since I last tried it. Sorry for the mis-information.

Daily builds :wink:

Hard to stay up with all the changes :slight_smile:

I used video textures yesterday “just fine”. I may be messing something up and I didn’t look it up, but I had to animate the offset :smiley:

In image I adjusted the pixel size to 1 and it’s brightness compensation to avoid moire hell.

Thats odd… after seeing your post I went back to the blender bug tracking thread ( ) and there wasn’t anything saying “HOOORAAYY THIS IS FIXED NOW!!!” …

It´s particles info random that is missing for eevee.

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Haven’t skimmed through that thread until now. Maybe it’s still broken and I just had a Bob Ross moment.

Well - it looks like video textures are also working! Thank you, Dev team!. (and I never noticed it said “resolved” at the top!)