Creating Bismuth in Blender - first BA post

Hey :slight_smile:
sooo i have never posted on Blenderartists before.
But after seeing so much absolutely incredible work on here i thought i might want to give it a try.

So i’ll start with one of my favourite pieces i have done.

Beautiful Bismuth

It took around 8 hours. 4 hours for the modelling and 4 hours to create the material and rest of the scene.
The crystal is modelled by hand. I looked into creating it procedurally, but abandoned that pretty quickly.
Its basically just cuboid’s with array modifiers, that i then combine. No boolean operations. The topology is a total mess and only looks good from that specific camera-angle :smiley:

Here is a clay-render

And a wireframe:

Im using this rigged hand model from Blendswap:

I hope you like it and would love to here your thoughts and opinions Cheers :slight_smile: