Creating Black reflection areas in cycles render

May I ask how can I render a infinite reflections of objects in a mirror room? As I found that there are a large piece of blacked area in the reflection (This is just a trial rendering). Hope that someone can help me out with some suggestions, thanks!

Increasing the number of Light Paths will help (the maximum is 128). but there will still be black areas where a light ray bounces back and forth between mirrors and never encounters a light source (or object with diffuse). In this case, there is no color information, so the ray returns black.

Thanks a lot for your info :slight_smile: @Phil_n

However, do you know how to produce similar results of this image in eevee render?

I do not think so. You can make a mirror in Eevee using Screen space reflections and a Reflection Plane Light Probe, but the number of “bounces” is limited. Eevee is not a ray tracer, and so does not simulate real-world light and reflections. It is a game engine style real-time renderer which takes a lot of shortcuts to produce fast but reasonable results.