Creating Creatures and Characters Using Kits in Blender?

Hello Blender community!

I’ve been looking into creature and character creation and sculpting in Blender and found these kits online. Has anyone purchased any of these or something similar? If you have, were they useful and worth spending money on and why/why not? Or if you haven’t, is there something better available that I should look into instead?


I am the developer of Basemesh Temple. I use it daily for my own work here and I like it a lot personally. I designed it to be more like Zbrush’s sample projects which lets you click on a base mesh and start sculpting in sculpting mode with no setup or clicks required. It offers bunch of other useful functions (mask <- > selection conversion, easy remeshing etc) along with easy workflow so that you loose no time with clicks or saves etc, however it is not a kitbashing kit as of now.

Every basemesh opens as a new scene with a unique name ready to be saved. If you like what you have after working on a base mesh, you just commit which then saves it to its final place. Think of it like a scrapbooking idea.

I might expand it to have kitbashing options in the future. I might also let users to be able to add their own assets if there is any request.