creating faces

hello all,

in the blender manual it says that you can create a face by selecting 3-4 vertices and pressing F. can you create a face with more than 4 edges?


No. But you can combine faces into FGons (Fake NGone) which looks and acts as a face with more then 4 vertices:
Make a Circle with 5 vertices
Creat a 3- and 4-sided Face to close it.
Select the 2 faces and press F to make an FGon

thank you for the reply.

so will it just act liek a normal face after that, or are there special commands you can do with fake ngons?

From the 2.35a Release Log:

This new FGon (Fake-Gon, Face-Gon, whatever ) feature can be extended in the future to become more ‘real’ n-gon style polygons, especially when subdivide and cut tools, and subdivision surfaces work with it, though right now its usage is limited to hiding edges for large filled polygons.

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another question.

lets say you combine 3 triangles into a fake-gon of 5 points. triangles make for sloppy subsurfing, so when this face is subsurfed, will it be sloppy also, or act as a 5-point ngon?

thansk again

It will be sloppy.

hmm…thats my problem. lets say I have a 3x3 plane, so theres 9 quads in all. I cut the middle quad in half, and the new points, for some reason, are hooked to the points in the outer squares, creating 3 triangles. I don’t want this to be sloppy, so How do I go about doing that?

If you need pictures, I can supply them