Creating galaxy in Blender

Hello, I’ve been trying to create some sort of galaxy in Blender without much success.

I am trying to do this in Cycles.

My main issue has been the nebula around stars. I’ve attempted to create nebula with volume scattering.

If you have any suggestions, please share with me.


How did you generate the stars? Is somekind of script?

It’s a very simple particle and I used Force shield (vortex) to circulate them.

Thanks to both

So far there has been some improvements. I visited the links provided and found that smoke simulation to be a good way to make galaxy… except that it’s just hard to simulate both stars and smoke at the same time. More importantly, rendering smoke seems impractical for my usage which takes hours and hours for decent quality render.

In the end, I’ve been experimenting in my own ways and I think I am getting closer to what I want.


Like Master Chief said: “No, Its getting started”.

So, here is the final product.

I will reuse the galaxy model for sure in the future.