Creating game in UPBGE with N64 style graphics

Hello all,
I am starting on a game and plan to mimic the look and feel of the Nintendo 64. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, or wisdom to share?

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Use a lot of reference from the time period is really all the advice you need.

Other than that, if you want my personal opinion, I recommend using the new UPBGE that uses eevee as the renderer, as I’ve had an amazing experience with it, however it’s still considered unstable I believe. I haven’t had any problems though, and being able to have graphics appear exactly the same 1 to 1 in the viewport is the best I could ask for. If it weren’t GPL licensed I’d absolutely use it for commercial games.

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If you want it to look like an n64 - fancy modern rendering will be working against you.

Someone had a similar question about ps1 style graphics recently, and a lot of those principles still apply. search the forum for ps1, I bet it will show up.

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There is a post-process shader that was created to display N64-like graphics in the Blender Game Engine.

Showcase / Download


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Yeah, I only use the 3.0 version of UPBGE. Thanks for the ideas!

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That’s really cool, but it doesn’t work in UPBGE 3.0 with Eevee. Is there a setting I could change to make it work in the latest version of UPBGE?

Maybe it’d be a better idea to use the 2.79 version…

UPBGE 0.3x uses Blender +2.8x source code, so EEVEE tutorials apply to it too…

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Thanks for all of your input! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make facial textures? Or any retro-looking textures for that matter. Here’s what I have for my character’s face.

With updated textures…