Creating glass in the game engine?

Hi everyone
I just created a little glassmug in the cycels render and then i tried to switch 贸ver to the game engine and then the glass was gone. Is there any good way to create glas in the game engine or could i export my mugg from the cycels render to the game engine?

Sorry if the question was a little bit weird, butt it is the first time that i tried to do something in the game engine and google couldent answere my question.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Cycles uses an entirely different rendering technique than the game engine鈥 you will need to create a glsl shader for glass refractions in the game engine.

Check blendswap for examples. I鈥檝e seen glass shaders on there, also check out the resouse section on this website鈥

Happy blending!

Thx Man :slight_smile: