Creating HDRI map images in blender

notice the word MAP… this does not inherently mean it must be HDR format, but that it is a large panoramic image that can be used for studio lighting, etc.

im sure someones gonna say i sound hipocrytical writing this if they have read my lamborghini thread, but the fact is i just dont want to use an hdri map on that model.

im wondering if anyone knows a good way of creating panoramic images in blenders Internal renderer. Lux has a camera SETTING that will do this for you… you would just need to make the x axis and y axis seamless to a certain extent and the rest will fall into place. im wondering if someone know of this feature in lux and knows how i might simulate it in the blender internal renderer.

I lied, its not a lux setting its a blender setting, but it does not appear to make a full 180 like would be necessary for an HDRi map image

what im looking for, in luxrender is called an environment camera, odly enough i dont know how to make one of those either. it takes a 360 photo based on camera placement.

I’ve been looking for this a long time, and I don’t think it’s possible in Blender, really. Camera Field of View doesn’t go any higher than 172.847 degrees. Best you can do is render a series of images, all from the same point, looking in all different directions, and then stitching them in an external photo stitcher. This is not ideal of course, especially if you have large sections of the same colour.

Really wish this existed though, it seems so trivial. But it’s been asked for since forever, afaik.

im amazed blender hasnt gotten the memo yet… well i managed to get it to work in lux… but i was hoping for a really easy fast way of doing it in blender internal with AO and SSS

They did get the memo, it was added to Cycles, and that is why that “panorama” button is there in the first place. :wink:

where is the nodal point on a blender camera? :stuck_out_tongue:

as far as i can tell panorama isnt letting me render in 360 tho like in lux. to be honest im not sure what it is doing.

I don’t see how to do it in Cycles either. Camera FOV still doesn’t go higher than ~172 degrees. So either I’m missing something, or it is not possible.
Searching for it is no use either, all the tuts are about applying a hdr map to a scene, not rendering.

i tried dropping the mm to 0 to see if that did it but it stops at 1

Cycles has a panoramic camera since the 2.63 release, you simply go to the Camera Settings and set the Type to Equirectangular.

Where is Camera Settings? It’s not in the Object Data tab and it’s not in the Render tab. Not in Properties or Toolshelf either.
And i am using Blender 2.63.

The Setting is in the Object Data of the Camera, you can find it here:

You sir, are a god! Thank you! Been wanting that for a very very long time!

Well, it’s certainly not there in Blender 2.63. And there is no working version 2.65 for Mac OS X 10.5.
The Panorama checkbox doesn’t change anything.

it might be that there were some changes to the panoramic camera after 2.63, in that case i don’t know what changed. Are there no working versions after 2.63 for your OS? Maybe updating your OS itself?

Official downloads for 2.64 and 2.65 are not available for my OS, 2.63 is the latest. I can get a build from , but that is missing the Cycles script (though it does show the Panoramic option as a button, it just acts as it always has in BI, and with no Cycles to switch to, that’s no good). Already asked about it on here, no answer. Just posted on the forums. I can’t update my OS, it’s already been done in the past, and this machine won’t handle any newer version.

And what about rendering panoramic maps into blender internal (v2.65 svn here)? If i tile-render, i’ve got seams at each tile border (a strange offset in the image), and if i render in one tile, seams disappear, but when i test it as a world equirectangular map into cycles, i see that its distorted.
So what do you think, is it a 2.65 bug? Or the changes in the panorama options made it wrong? (all equirectangular map i did recently where in cycles, which does it perfectly, so i no not know… i’m investingating ways to create cubemaps, and if y could do it in a non-photorealistic style with BI, it would be great)

IC… im actually using it right now… but will it work in the internal? or just cycles? cuz cycles is slower and an HDRI just needs to be an approximate for lighting only