Creating Light effect

Hello everyone,

im currently working on a small game and i need help. Its a small recreation of an interface from an old french anime. This is what im trying to recreate: I really don’t know how to make this light-glowing effect. It would be really nice if somebody could help me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is my blend file (Just in case)
earth.blend (895 KB)

You’ll need to create two materials, at least one of which has an emission value (the outlines on the map), and then create a glow effect in the compositor. You’ll be doing a more extreme glow than this, but the steps in this tutorial are what you want:

Thanks for your quick reply but i think I’m still doing something wrong. Here is what i did: To get the Sphere with the Texture on it to glow i changed the Transparency from Mask to Z Transparency and created another black sphere inside the first one. Then i changed Emit from 0 to 40 and activated the indirect lighting. At the end i created a Glare-Node and finally added the glow but it still doesn’t look like on the pic. Here is a pic how it now looks:

Can you share your .blend file so I can see what needs adjusting? and give the link here. And assuming that earth outline is an image texture, make sure to pack it into the .blend file first via File>External Data.

Thanks very much :slight_smile: Here is the link:

Try this. It can probably be tweaked a bit more to get it closer. I used Cycles because its been too long since I have used BI.

earth.blend (920 KB)