Creating Manga outlines

I am trying to replicate the outline style used in manga. I’ve experimented with freestyle (in Blender Render and Cycles) and Edge post processing (in Blender Render), but they seem to only be able to produce very basic outlines. I don’t see any options that can create the variation that I need, unless I’m missing something?

I want to be able to produce the “brush stroke-like” lines seen in the below images. Is there any way I can do that. with freestyle, edge, post processing, or another option?

Are you creating 2d image just painting or are you creating 3d models and wanting that edge line look? Not quite sure what your initial process is but shooting in the dark, but here is a video on a 3d anime character done and rendered out to look 2d drawn. I am sure the brush stroke lines for shadows like in the manga could be done rather similar.

I am trying to create a 3D model, rendered with manga brush stroke outlines in Blender. I already created a 3D model, I just need some way of producing outlines in manga style.

The video you linked to is in anime style, but it doesn’t help create manga outlines. I know Daniel Kreuter, and have watched his videos, but it doesn’t produce a manga/ink effect. If you look at the images I posted, you can see that the lines are hand drawn. That is the effect I am trying to simulate.

Sounds like you’re wanting an ink or pencil NPR technique - here’s some links you might find interesting: