Creating Metalplating effects on objects?

Ok, one major challenge i have when doing hard surface modelling is creating something that looks like it has been made out of multiple pieces of metal.

This technique so far has eluded me in terms of creating a natural feeling that something is made of parts.

I know it can be faked with textures, but right now i want to focus on the modelling aspect of it.

any help appreciated


So i have had some success with adding what i believe to be an extrusion loop, and then creating the divide. however i cannot tighten the edge with edge crease without damaging the flow of the face. (it creates this little bump.) im looking into ways to fix it with more edge loops, but so far that is proving difficult


Did some testing on some simple surfaces. figure the best way is just to mess around with it.


generally you’d actually want to make this from multiple panels, think about it: a mechanical object is made from many parts, doesn’t it make sense to build a 3D model of something mechanical out of many parts?That is imo the easiest way to do it

Built it from actual separate parts, just like it is in the real world. If you need a low poly version later, create it from the version with multiple objects and bake to maps. could be of interest to you, at least if you have time (the video, all three parts at least, is over three hours)

Awesome, thanks guys. That video was awesome, gave me the workflow i needed to actually create something out of separate objects. something i have wanted to do for a looong time.

here is the fin so far