Creating normal map, displacement, etc from a model

I have created this section of egg-and-dart molding using some basic spheres and cylinders, but since I need to add it throughout the room, I don’t want to end up with way more geometry and headache than necessary by duplicating all of these shapes over and over again. I’d like to just use a texture with a normal map, displacement map, and the others so I can streamline the process. At first I thought I would just render it in orthographic view and use that image, but I wondered about how shadows and lighting would affect my results. I have done a bit of looking around, but since I’m not sure what the jargony name for this process is, I haven’t found what I need. Is there a thread or tutorial that explains how best to go about doing this? Thanks in advance.

the process is called render baking, and you will need to UV unwrap the target mesh first. if you google for ‘blender render baking’ or ‘blender normals baking’ you will find a whole bunch of stuff.

Thanks for your help, Modron. I’ll definitely look that up.