Creating organic/pointy models from base meshes?

I’m trying to make a shovel with broken edges. heres a pic

as you can see from the reference pic behind the model, there are some pointy and curvy parts to the model. i want to know how to create these parts of the model from the base mesh (in this case, a cylinder and cube) without having ugly smoothing/topology.

in this pic, i want it to look like the spade part of the shovel is partly broken off

i already attempted to make it look like the pic, but i’m not sure if this is the correct and optimized way.

in the next pic i want it to look like the end of the shovel handle is broken off and has point ends sticking out of it, like the reference pic

if anyone has any good procedures for making curvy, sharp, pointy and organic models out of plain base meshes, i would be very happy if you shared them.

An example for the broken shovel handle

Make the topology of the bottom like this

Inset all the faces (in latest official release, select a face and press I , in more recent builds, you can select all the face and press I 2 times to inset individually) to generate a bit more vertices in there

Press O (to enable proportional editing) , control the size of the proportional influence with the middle mouse button (or PageUp/PageDown) select the central vertice and move it down

Extrude down some of those faces (press O to disable proportional editing first, or lower the influence size of it)

Select the extruded faces and press W -> Merge -> At center to obtain pointy extrusion

Continue to move pointy vertices down, either use proportional editing or not, until you’re satisfied with the result

alright, i tried doing what you did but i cant get it to look like yours. it also ends up looking very confusing. whenever i try extruding the faces down, i have no idea how to make them look flat like yours and they end up going through the model.

here is another way to do it
select the bottom verts and extrude key then in tool panel select random and keep extruding
that will give you some pointed sharp ends


could you show me a pic of the “random” button? i cant seem to find it.

Can you show your result so i can get an idea of what you’re doing wrong ?

i get stuck at the proportional editing part. i’m really not good at that.

then i try the extrude part.

then i do the merging

i think i just messed up somewhere, cause it looks better then before. i think i get how to do it now, to get the look i want.

does anyone have any techniques for the broken spade part of the shovel?