Creating Paradise

hey everyone hope you’ve all had good holidays :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to do a beach scene for a while now but have been apprehensive about because it requires a lot of texturing and SSS which I’m not good at but I thought why not try something plus with all the cold and the snow it would be nice to think of warm and sunnier climes :slight_smile:

So here is my scene a path leading up to a pristine white sandy beach and clear blue ocean on nice hot sunny day :cool:

None of the textures are final there is still some normal mapping to do. All comments and crits are welcome but what I’m really interested are critiques on the plants and water. Also ways to improve on them

this is a result of messing around in photo shop with the filters I like the dream like effect that’s been created by the diffuse glow

I might make the leaves a little less saturated, they look kind of plastic.

i like the style of the palm and the wall… the ground and the ocean look to real though… you might want to model them in the same style instead of using images

I like the style of the image but i think you should rougthen up the wall/stones a bit (but not too much). Also if you look closely you can see where the texture of the palm tree truck repeats itself, it might be better to not use an image texture so that it fits with the palm leaves.

try using NGplant it makes plants for you, and it makes textures for them too. (and it UV maps)
also the water is looking alittle plastic, along with the palm tree. maybe turn off the sss and just give it a low specularity and a normal value to its map.

thanks alot for all the comments

latest render i’m trying to go for a realistic look. changed the wall to a fence cause i’d rather look at beach and the ocean than a wall. still working on the leaf textures have desaturated them alot. I tried using ngplant but it kept crashes every time i tried appending the file so i might stick to original one and try and improve on it

I like this picture and I don’t think you are a million miles off, although achieving photo-realistic from a scene like this will be very difficult. The biggest flaw for me is the horizon, it is far too bumpy - should be a very smooth line or a curve with a large radius.

thanks! i hadn’t noticed the horizon been too focused on the foreground. i’ll need to tweak the textures for the displacement map

looks good :smiley:

i like the stones more but alos a little bright

Just a small update, decided to redo the trees using Arbaro they look a lot better but still need some texture work. still need to work on the waves and have no idea how to make sea foam, any ideas welcome on that front.

thanks for viewing :slight_smile:

well I think I’m nearly finished with this one fixed alot of the issues that i had with textures

For some reason it won’t let me post an image but here is a link

Looks incredible! Awesome improvement from your orignal image, and now it has a inkling of a story, rather than just a picture of a beach.
Can’t see anything wrong with it.

Well done

thanks yeah i could always tell that there was something missing from the image but didn’t know glad i figured it out

yes… very nice render indeed, it has come a long way since your first post. the only thing that dsiturbs me a little… and this is just nitpicking… is that the horizon line collides with the fence… ie that they are almost the same and the sea is hardly noticeable because of that… and that the fence still looks a bit too perfect… could have a stronger normal mapping effect, be slightly bent and worn out etc.