Creating reusable parts/objects (assets?)

I am starting a new project, and new to blender, where I want to have a lot of reusable ‘parts’, that can be used in multiple places AND multiple scenes. How is the best way to do this? I’m thinking setting them in a collection and then copy/paste,as necessary, would be the best way to be able to find them. Am I on the right track?

I used to use the append feature where i would save all my parts in one blend file and then append them as needed. I’ve since moved on the HardOps (paid addon) inserts, adding your own parts to HardOps insert menu is fairly easy and it speeds up workflow significantly.

HardOps thread: Hard Ops Thread

@Knotian for stuff like what I think you’re thinking. I love collection instances. You can build portions of a scene in a blend and then drag and drop the blend file onto your blend scene and choose link. By linking a collection you defined in the file you can maintain your link while also dealing with things on a larger level. I do it all the time where I will make smaller complex props then I will use ctrl + G and name the collection something since it doesn’t make a “collection” collection. Just a group collection that can be linked.

Whenever I find I left lights or cameras I just go back to the previous file I linked and edit it. It’s interesting to try out how blender itself is made to work across multiple files and linking data. It comes in handy when scenes begin getting too complex on their own. So for something like that Id give those collections linking a try.