Creating rocks for Unity 3d game

Hello, how can i create rock for unity game ?
Now i create Ico Sphere and then i use Sculpt Mode, but i have problem with UV, how can i do this right ?

Without you explaining your problem with UV, i can’t say much more.
But as you mentionned using icospheres , i remember there was a low poly rock tutorial, involving texturing based on icosphere there :

I used this, but i need to texture my rock and export it to Unity 3D, when i use cycles blender i can’t export it.

I just need to know how can i unwrap Ico Sphere and texture it GOOD, without blurred textures

(Sorry for my eng) :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t noticed it was on cycles, my bad.

The video shows how to unwrap, that’s applicable for Blender Render too, it’s not a cycles specific.
Then once loaded texture in the uv editor and unwrapped, here’s how to configure the rock in Blender Render

Select your object then click on the Material panel :

Click on New or on the + button to add a material

Now click on the Texture panel, it will be the texture for the material we just created

Click on New

Then make sure the Type is set to “Image or Movie”

In the case the texture you want is the same one that you loaded in the UV/Image editor, just click on this drop down menu and select the texture.

If it’s a different texture, click on the “Open” button and load your texture

Make sure Mapping is set to Coordinate " UV "

That should be all, your model has a material and a texture assigned through its UV map, it should export correctly now to Unity.

For blurry texture, no idea why they would be blurry for you, make sure to check the texture resolution, the smaller it is the more blurry it can be

Ok, when i unwrap it i should do it by Sphere projection ?

Look at this texture:

That’s my blurry thing ;p I don’t know how to properly UV. I did what u say.
Look at texture, this is my blurred thing ;]
I did everything from your post

Man, that was a good reply!
I’m also doing rocks for a unity 3d game, and this smallish tutorial sure does help me a lot, specially the last bit, where you explained the problem of getting unmatching edges near the place where I have the seams.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to put such a detailed explanation of all the steps!