Creating script/addon to aid in character rigging (short film in progress)

Hi All,

I’m putting out feelers for someone to help create a script for me, to help rig the characters for my short animation in progress ‘The Love Me or Die’ (based on CW Stoneking’s song)

The character design uses a ‘mouth replacement’ approach to fit with the stop-motion aesthetic I’m going for. I did a prototype rig a while back, and worked out a basic system for switching visibility/renderability via drivers, to give you an idea of the effect I’m going for:

Now the short is being made and I’d like to take the concept further. This means a lot more mouth shapes for a number of characters.

I have an idea for a system for creating the various shapes, and using a combination of driven visibility and mask modifiers and shape-keys to animate them. I’d love to chat with a smart scripter who might be interested in helping with this project, basically to semi-automate some of the steps in creating each mouth-shape, and hopefully their associated drivers.

I’ve got a more detailed map of how I imagine the script would work, but I have little-to-no-idea about coding, so would need to be guided by you as to what’s possible and how much this might cost to create. I have a very limited budget for now, but feel like if it’s possible this will be a super-useful tool for me, and possibly for other artists down the track, so willing to invest what I can.

Please reply here or PM me if you’re interested and we can chat about where to go from there.