Creating Shadows

Would someone please take a quick look at this file and advise me how to increase, or darken, the shadows in this Cycles project? Specifically, I would like the shadow to be more prominent to the left of the fireplace, on the wall, but I’m not having any success in doing so?


I do not think nobody will download it. Why shoud we risk ourselves? Instead of putting proeject file, put a screen shot and tell us what you are trying to achive. Then maybe you can get some help.

In the past, I have been advised to upload the Blend file if I wanted advice; however, perhaps you can help by looking at this screenshot?

Model to the real world scale (1BU=1m, quite important to proper lighting) and make sure objects have scale applied, use lamps, Sun, instead of lighting scene using Cycles AO. Smaller lamp size will give sharper shadows. Meshlights will give soft shadowing and will cause fireflies where glossy is used a lot.

Speaking of controlled lighting, if I want to “add shadows” using negative lights, it turns out that (I’m guessing due color correction extending negatively with further increasing steepness) effective -1 is a lot more than effective +1. Is there a formula to change -1 so that it accurately cancels out +1?

Thanks for coming to the rescue again, Eppo! On the scaling, can I do it at this point in the project? If so, how to I go about it? Select everything, Cntrl/A…or what?

I’ve used three different tutorials, then imported results, then scaled each to fit my eye, so I’m in a query here!?!?

You probably want to leave Camera and (existing?) lights out of the bunch; nothing really changes for the Camera, still.
For the rest, all selected, Ctrl-A ->Scale is fine.
I’d guess 5 to 5.5 ft for the fireplace’s total height would look ok-ish… Somewhere around 1.7BU

@CarlG I’m unaware of any math explaining negative lights. To me minus sign for lights always ends up into some pixelated dark void which does not like to be regulated ;).
Two Suns at the same origin placed perpendicularly to the plane would cancel out each other. First passes look creepy on GPU though.