Creating squared off faces that are currently triangles

Hey guys I’m working on a helmet here…
As you can see my faces have more of a triangle face than a square face and I really need to get them to straighten up and become squared off to do what I want to do next but I honestly can’t figure it out as I’m still new to blender. I’ll try whatever you guys throw at me. Thanks

You can take a screenshot in Blender directly. Window menu -> take screenshot, or Ctrl+F3.

Find a reference (or several) of what you’re modeling and link to that in here too. Big images are preferred.

If you don’t want the edge loops to come to a common point at the top, don’t start with a UV sphere. Could make a polysphere that consist of quite even quad faces

Front row:

  • Cube
  • Subdivide smooth, 3 subdivisions
  • To Sphere (alt+shift+S, 1, enter)

Back row:

  • UV sphere
  • top cut off
  • Grid fill from faces menu (ctrl+F -> grid fill) that is then rounded off with proportional editing.

As you can see my faces have more of a triangle face than a square face

I see triangles in several different places; a sets of triangles at the top of helmet where all polygons converge, and number of superimposed triangles all over. The superimposed ones need to be deleted. Top one can be patched up like JA12 suggests.

I am thinking of more cleaner mesh flow. Extrude down and out the side and neck apron to keep the mesh flow from the top clean. And,front cutout form can be simply extruded around the opening. Loop cut at the bottom of apron will keep corners sharp. As for forehead banding feature, few cuts can be made to form that: